Femtosecond White Light Generators

WLS and WLC series of femtosecond white light generators are sets of high-grade optical components, optimized for high efficient super continuum generation from infrared femtosecond laser pulses.


  • Perfect for visible and UV continuum generation
  • Ultra broadband white-light spectrum
  • Optimized for Ti:Sa kHz amplified systems
  • Pump rejection filter
  • Minimum pulse chirp
  • Low cost


  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Broadband spectroscopy
  • Optical parametric amplifiers seed
  • Materials science
Model: WLS2 WLC3 WLC4
  Input requirements
Wavelength: 600-1200nm 760 – 1000 or
380 – 500 nm
Pulse Duration: <200fs
Pulse energy: 2-20 uJ 5-20 uJ
  Output Parameters
Spectral range: VIS-NIR UV-NIR UV-VIS
Beam profile: Single Filament
Imaging: 200 mm to +inf
500 mm to +inf
Pump suppression: 96-98%

* Various custom configurations are available on demand

Detailed datasheet in PDF can be found here.