High Power Diode Pumped Solid State Kit

TEM00 CW Infrared at 1064nm

Frequency-doubled green at 532nm

CW and Q-Switched at 1064nm

Q-Switched at 532nm


  • Educational and scientific laboratories
  • Harmonics generation
  • Raman scattering
  • Pumping of tunable dye lasers
  • LIV or LIB spectroscopy


  • Low price
  • Compact design
  • Frequency doubling and tripling
  • Remote control and RS-232 serial interface
  • Five educational lab works in laser engineering and nonlinear optics are available
  • University discount
Mode of Operation: CW CW Q-Switched/Pulsed
Wavelenght: 1064nm (1340nm*) 532nm (670nm*)
Output Power: 4 W 2.5 W
Frequency-doubled Output Power: 100mW 350mW
Repetition Rate: - 35-120kHz
Pulse Width: - 65-135ns
Output Power: 10W/up to 30W** 2W 10W/up to 30W** 2W
Threshold Current: 4A 0.65A 4A 0.65A
Fiber Coupled: Yes No Yes No
Fiber Core diameter: 600/400um 200um 600/400um 200um
Divergence X axis: 0.22NA 1.5o 0.22NA 1.5o
Divergence Y axis: 0.22NA 4o 0.22NA 4o
Cooling System: TE Peltier Cooler TE Peltier Cooler
Operating Current: 0.3-30A (80A***) 0.3-30A (80A***)
Repetition Rate***: - 50kHz at 80A
<2us (10-90%)
Power Consumed: <350W (<600W***)
<350W (<600W***)

The High Power Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Kit consists of:

  • Laser Oscilator - Six ultra stable, fune micrometric, kinematic mounts. Two optimized mirrors.
  • One active crystal*(Nd:YOV4, Nd:YAG Nd:GdVO4) wrapped in Indium foil and mounted in water cooled, gold coated copper holder.
  • Colimating telescope with high quality aspheric optics.
  • Laser Diode - On stock with 10W fiber-coupled pump source or 2W at 808nm(**Optional up to 30W fiber-coupled at 808nm)
  • Laser Diode Driver - *** Optional with repetition rate up to 50kHz at 80A with rise/fall time 2us (10-90%)

A pack of more than five educational laboratory guidances is available with this offer on special price

Detailed datasheet in PDF can be found here.